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Meet the team.

Nicolas Gremion.

Chief Party Operator (COO)

Two decades in e-commerce & digital marketing.

Grew a pioneering eBook platform from 0 to 8 million members, before successful exit.

Invented and placed products in Walmart, QVC, US Military & More.

Featured in over 100+ prominent publications including Time, BBC, Washington Post.

Roland Kurmann.

Tech Party Wizard (CTO)

MBA General Management.

Founded and successfully sold his own IT consulting company.

Twenty years experience IT, software development, ecommerce & CRM.

Expertise in B2B, B2C solutions and headed e-commerce operations.

Oliver JP Osborne.

Chief Party Promoter (CMO)

Global Leadership: Steered teams in eleven countries, spanning start-ups and industry giants.

Marketing Expert: Elevated brands such as W-Hotels, Absolute, and Samsung, plus many emerging players.

Events veteran: Operated over 600 events in seven countries.

Strategy consultant: Transformed ‘oh’ by integrating executive insights with dynamic marketing strategies.

Yesss! Is a HipHipHub brand.


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